Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Three key differences of ICT-based devices of now and then:
  1. Nowadays device is smaller and portable compare to the 70's device
  2. Compare to the 70's device , device in 90's able to do multitasking
  3. 90's device is more friendly user compare to the 70's
  4. 90's device is more cheaper than 70's device.
  5. The performance in 90's device faster than 70's device.
  6. 90's device have internet connectivity compare to 70's device.
  7. 90's device have a large capacity compared to 70's device. 
  8. 90's device have less voltage and power requirement compared to 70's device.


The vision of ICT would be like in the future after 20 to 30 years from now is the eye tracking technology. The eye tracking technology measures eye positions and movements which are analysed through computer applications. The eye tracking technology could have many possible applications in future including law enforcement, airport security, health care and human-computer interaction. Besides that, the technology of voice and tone recognition not only can be used to confirm a person's identity but tone recognition can be use to detect a person's health or emotional state. It can be help in security and health care in the future. The future technology may be have the brain wave sensing that enables the control of technology functions by the brain and is totally hands free. The possibilities for this technology to be used in games,sports,educations,health automobile and so on.

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