Friday, 23 September 2016

Chapter 3

Activity 1 : LAN vs WAN

The two differences between these two forms of computer networks are:

LAN- Local Area Network
WAN- Wider Area Network
Modern LAN based on the Ethernet.
WAN can be wired, using fiber-optic cable.
Higher data transfer.
Lower data transfer.
Have a fast connecting speed.
Slow connecting speed.
Example: The two ways to implement Ethernet are twisted- pair cable or wireless. Twisted-pair cable plug into switches using RJ-45 connectors similar to phone jacks.   
Example: A wireless might use microwave or infrared(IR) transmission technology or even satellite.

Activity 2

Types of network hardware

Type of network hardware
Main function
Is able to both send and receive of information for computer network.

Is a multiport network bridge that use hardware addresses to proses and forward data.
Network interface card
Network card that enable to connect your computer to local data network or internet.

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